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Quaker Oats savings at Harris Teeter this week!  Buy one, get one of the Oatmeal Squares.  These squares are great for a snack or for breakfast, and with this BOGO deal you can enjoy them for cheaper.

Buy one, get one Quaker Oats Coupon at Harris Teeter

Save on Quaker Oats now at Target! Save $.75 off Quaker Oats cereal and Save $1 off the purchase of 2 Quaker Oats products!  These savings are in store Target coupons.  So use the link above to go to the coupon and print so you can take it directly to your favorite Target store.

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Use this Amazon Coupon to Save $2 on Quaker Oats!

Thru DEC 16, 2012 -- Save $2.25 on Quaker Oatmeal Squares at Costco!

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Additionally other retailers like Safeway, Walmart, Meijer and Genuardi's offer online shopping discounts for Quaker Oats products.  Check them out here!

If you buy Quaker Oats regularly or are looking to buy in bulk it may be worth buying pre-clipped coupons from someone who has already collected a large number of coupons.  For instance, with this quaker oat coupon deal, you can buy 9 $3 off coupons (value of $27) for $6.19.  You are saving almost $21 dollars by buying these pre-clipped coupons.   This makes the most sense if you are buying large quantity of Quaker Oats at one time however, since you run the risk that the coupons will expire before you use all your coupons.  But since oats can be stored for a long periods of time, you may be better off purchasing at one time.

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